Athletic Therapy Resource Guide

MATA has understandably been receiving many questions from members regarding Telerehabilitation and how to implement this practice.  Please read the following information carefully to better understand the process and policies associated with facilitating treatment via Telerehabilitation.  Please start by reviewing the Telerehabilitation Resource Guide for Athletic Therapy which was developed by the MATA.  From our research, the technological platforms do comply with the regulations outlined are Zoom, Jane, Embodia and Physiotrack.




A Note from BMS: 

There is no exclusion under the professional liability policies for claims arising from tele-practice services/consults. When delivering tele-practice services and in order for your insurance coverage to apply, you must abide by the professional regulations in your jurisdiction (for instance, the province in which you reside) and in the jurisdiction where your patient is located. Please see the brochure attached regarding telehealth. This will provide some insight and guidance on how to manage this new service model. I've also attached a brochure on cyber coverage, this may be of interest to those who are providing e-services.  Please see the links below for more information:

Click here to access: COVID-19 Insurance Coverage Position Statement

Click here to access: COVID-19 Virtual Health Care Services Ensuring Continuity of Care