A Comprehensive Introduction to Acupuncture - Fall 2018 Course ~ Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association

A Comprehensive Introduction to Acupuncture - Fall 2018 Course

A Comprehensive Introduction To Acupuncture
“The Art & The Science”

Fall 2018


*Approved course by MPI for billing acupuncture*

 - Submit certificate to MATA upon completion to be registered with MPI

Dates Fall 2018
Weekend I       Saturday September 15
                        Sunday September 16

Weekend II      Saturday September 29
                        Sunday September 30

Weekend III    Saturday October 20
                       Sunday October 21

Weekend IV   Saturday November 3
                       Sunday November 4

Weekend V    Saturday November 17
                       Sunday November 18

Weekend VI    Review/Written/Practical Examination
                        Saturday December 8
                        Sunday December 9

Course Cost $3500.00 + GST (5%)  **payment plan available

Includes: Tuition
     Preceptor Contact
     Course notes
     Acupuncture supplies
     Written exam
     Practical exam

For Further Information or to register online, please visit:
www.acu-acupuncture.com or e-mail: info@acu-acupuncture.com


Instructors: Anne Dawson, P.T. CAFC
Dr. Barbara Shay, P.T. CAFC (PhD Neurophysiology)
Anastasia Meseman, P.T.
Sylvia Lavallee, P.T.
Andrea Lehenbauer, P.T.

Location:    Fitness Physiotherapy
                   135 Roslyn Road
                   Winnipeg, MB   R3L 0G7

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