Rewilding Retreat: A Weekend of Wellness ~ Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association

Rewilding Retreat: A Weekend of Wellness

Rewilding Retreat: A Weekend of Wellness

Aug 18-20, 2017 in Grand Marais MB featuring athletic therapists, wellness education, the beach, and the wild!

Meet your co-host Kendra—- Yoga has had a large impact on Kendra’s life for over 10 years now. Beginning her personal journey in a very science driven head space. Graduating uni with a science degree and following her love of movement and helping others. As a certified athletic therapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor Kendra’s life purpose is to guide the healing process and allowing people the bliss of coming back into their body through educational learning and bringing awareness to breath and intentional movement.

Kendra guidance blends her diverse background in a unique way to allow you to feel grounded and safe in your body as you progress through your own healing. Understanding what is happening at a physical, emotional and spiritual level is as important as feeling into it. Which is why Kendra has grounded her own personal exploration of herself with a balance of curiosity, intellect and playfulness; to which she expressed outwardly to everyone she meets.
In Kendra’s yoga classes you will move through a smooth intentional practice rooted in yogic fundamentals such as; breath, alignment and ease of movement.

In Kendra’s workshops and treatments you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself from an all inclusive viewpoint. Her treatments work with the nervous system as well as the emotional body to work through pain, movement restrictions and emotional hindrances. As a person who loves to be surrounded by mother nature and working with someone in the depths of their personal journey, Kendra is incredibly delighted and honoured to be co-teaching this retreat back close to her home town of Winnipeg.

Kendra’s workshops include:

 Emotional Health – Feelings Stored in the Physical Body

Ever wonder if there is a deeper meaning behind low back pain or chronic upper trap tension? Learn about where emotions can be stored in the body and how this impinges on our movement and daily living. Discover how to connect with parts of yourself to free these emotions through yoga.

Kathlyn will be your other co-host, the owner of Integrative Movement.  Kathlyn graduated with her BSc. in Kinesiology in 2015, and shortly afterwards certified nationally as an Athletic Therapist. She opened Integrative Movement & Katmah Training, a multi-location practice in MB, in 2015. Professionally and personally Kathlyn has consistently strived to create a holistic view on health, in that there is no cookie-cutter approach to treatment or health management. Kathlyn is known to be “the adventure” by her peers, and takes every opportunity to reflect, dive a little deeper, and relate to her clients and work.

Most recently she travelled to the Himalayas in Nepal to trek to Everest Base Camp 1, and has plans for more adventurous travel. She began practicing yoga through University and continues to develop her practice, current goals being maintaining a handstand for longer then a few seconds!! Kathlyn regularly works with chronic pain populations, an her business Integrative Movement has been developed to be accessible to a large variety of populations. She believes in a preventative and tailored approach to health management. Her career highlights so far include numerous speaking opportunities on biomechanics, postural correction, and using movement as medicine. She also is a sitting director for the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, where one of her portfolios is to advocate for Kinesiologists working in the health care realms. This summer she will also be presenting at Prairie Love Fest, with the topic “Movement as Medicine”- attendees to Rewilding will get a sneak peak of some of this material- which will be one of her most exciting educating opportunities yet.

Her workshops include:

Spine Health- Preventing pain and dysfunction

Its a guarantee you, or someone you know, has experienced some level of back pain- whether it be from an accident or injury, or just the occasional aches and pains. In this workshop we’ll discuss why dysfunction in our spine can happen, and how to best prevent and treat it through movement and body awareness. Using some of the tools from the mobility workshop we’ll elaborate on proper breathing, bending, and movements that best support total spine health from the head to the hips, and how this helps the rest of our body function.

Mobility 101- They whys and how’s of proper movement

In this workshop Kathlyn will take you through a series of mobility tactics and discussion on how best to keep moving. We’ll also talk about why proper movement/mobility is imperative to our overall health and wellness, and how poor mobility can affect us. Workshop will include instruction on how to use foam rollers, and other props to create a functional routine for your body wherever you go.

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