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AAA Hockey team looking for Athletic Therapy student

The AAA Bantam I Sharks (14 years old) is looking for an Athletic Therapist/Trainer for the upcoming 2016-2017 hockey season.

The team will play about 36 regular games throughout the season including out-of-town trips (7-8).  All travel to out-of-town games are by chartered bus at no cost to the individual.

We are looking for a committed Athletic Therapist/Trainer who will be responsible for all player injuries, sicknesses and general trainer duties. Some of the specific duties that the position includes are below:

Injury rehabilitation and prevention, documentation of all injuries, communicating all injuries to coaches and management, conducting pre and post-game workouts, game preparation, monitoring player nutrition, supervising team off-ice workouts.

This is a volunteer position but will paid the successful individual(s) $25.00-$30.00/per game depending on experience.  All invoices will be paid on a monthly bases. 

The position could be shared with an understanding that an Athletic Therapists/Trainers is required at all the games, including out-of-town games.

The team will also participate in a tournament (location not yet determined-last season it was in Chicago).  Athletic Therapists/Trainers attending will have all accommodation/meals paid for by the team.

If interested, please contact Sarah Bordier-Kaye at

Sarah Bordier-Kaye
Bantam I SHARKS Manager

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