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Research Study - Participants Needed

Looking for healthy adolescent females (12-18 years of age) to participate in a PhD thesis project: “The Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Exercise (NME) Training in Healthy and ACL-Injured Adolescent Females.” Ethical approval has been obtained from the Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) at the University of Manitoba (Ethics#: H2014:302).

Below is some basic information pertaining to the study, also attached is poster with the important information:

WHO: Healthy females ages 12-18

WHAT: 5 test & 10 training sessions. In brief, for the NME training program participants maintain balance while standing on unstable surfaces (rockerboard & rollerboard) while an athletic therapist administers a series of destabilizing forces.

WHEN: Flexible start date, test & training times. Duration of study is 13-weeks.

WHERE: Testing at Pan Am Clinic & Training at participant’s home or any other convenient location
WHY: To provide researchers and clinicians with valuable information regarding the effectiveness of an established NME training program as a preventative method to decrease the occurrence of ACL injuries in healthy female adolescents.

Any interested individuals please contact Alison Longo, CAT(C) ( or 204-927-2829).

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