MB Athletic Therapists "Think Tank" Group ~ Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association

MB Athletic Therapists "Think Tank" Group

My goal is to make this group a reality. It’s not mandatory you can come to one get together or all of them or none of them. I think that if Athletic Therapists got together on a regular basis it would serve multiple purposes

  1. 1)It allows Athletic Therapists to network with other Athletic Therapists

  2. 2)It allows us to constantly learn remember and use all of the knowledge that we are “supposed” to. By reviewing anatomy, physiology, nutrition, exercise principles, assessments, rehab methods, modalitles, etc etc etc.

  3. 3)It gives us a support group to bounce ideas off of each other. (When coaches are difficult, interesting injuries, new techniques, rehab methods etc)

  4. 4)It allows Athletic Therapists to learn from other Athletic Therapists in an organized/social setting.

If any of this sounds like a good idea then send me an email and we will set up times to get together. Chrismikcata@hotmail.ca

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