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Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association, Inc.

Athletic Therapy Services (A.T.S.) Policies and Procedures


The Manitoba Athletic Therapy Services, Incorporated (M.A.T.S.), under the direction of the Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association Incorporated (M.A.T.A.), wishes to ensure that all athletic participants and event organizers have access to sport medical coverage, anywhere in Manitoba, for their particular event.


The purpose of the A.T.S. Committee is to develop and recommend policy to the Board of Directors concerning all A.T.S. initiatives.  The A.T.S. Chairperson is to provide guidance and direction as a representative of the Board of Directors, to the M.A.T.A. Program Director.  A.T.S. is to be managed by the Program Director with final responsibility falling to the Chairperson, and ultimately the Executive.


    1.    The proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year must be submitted for approval from the Executive.  The budget should be developed by the A.T.S. Chairperson, with input from the Program Director and the Treasurer.

    2.    It is the responsibility of the A.T.S. Chairperson to ensure budget adherence.

    3.    Any A.T.S. purchase in excess of $250.00 must be first approved by the Executive.

    4.    Maintain A.T.S. as a cost effective entity.


    1.    Anyone working through A.T.S. must be a member in good standing who does not currently hold any suspensions or is under review for any previous A.T.S. incidents.

    2.    All personnel will be expected to work within their individual scope of practice and capabilities, while adhering to all M.A.T.A. policies regarding staff conduct.  They must be fully aware of potential emergency situations, procedures, and support groups.

    3.    An emergency action plan (E.A.P.) must be established and documented (incorporating other medical services if available), prior to the start of any shift.  Any potential hazards that are identified should be identified to the appropriate host personnel.

    4.    A.T.S. personnel should be as visible as possible and in an accessible area.

    5.    A.T.S. personnel must complete paperwork for the E.A.P., injury assessment(s), supplies used, hours worked, and expense claim forms.

    6.    a. All written documentation must be completed and returned along with the supplies (medical kit, splints, coolers…) the next working day following the event to the Program Director unless prior alternate arrangements have been made, or honoraria will be adjusted or withheld.

        b. In the event that the paperwork is incomplete, $10.00 will be deducted from the individual’s total earnings.

        c. In the event that supplies are not returned the next working day following the event, 5% of total earnings for that individual will be deducted.

        d. In the event of “missing supplies” with no evidence of use during the event, replacement costs for the supplies will be charged to the responsible person (may be directly removed from current total earnings from working an event.

    7.    M.A.T.A. will determine what other medical personnel will be at the event.

    8.    In cases where supply exceeds demand, positions will be assigned on a first come basis, unless seniority and/or qualifications are issues.

    9.    Any individual who rescinds his/her commitment to cover an A.T.S. event less than one (1) week prior to the event will be responsible for finding a qualified replacement, and notify the M.A.T.A. office of the change as soon as possible. The M.A.T.A. Program Director will be responsible for finding a replacement if the first aider rescinds their services more than one (1) week prior to their shift.

    10.    Any individual that misses one shift (i.e. First Offence) will be suspended from working A.T.S. events for six (6) months. Note: Being over one (1) hour late for a shift is considered a missed shift.

    In the event that a second shift is missed, then he/she will be suspended for one year from working any A.T.S. events.

    11.    In cases where honoraria are available, they will be distributed through the M.A.T.A. office in accordance with section G. (A.T.S. Fees).

    12.    A.T.S personnel should wear appropriate attire for the environment in which they are providing first aid:

        -    Shorts must extend to at least mid-thigh (NO GYM SHORTS).
        -    Shirts should be event appropriate and must have an Athletic Therapy logo to make the first aid provider more visible. In the event that the aforementioned clothing is not event appropriate ie. Outdoors on cold days, hockey rink, etc, then the clothing worn should be clean and pressed.
        -    Pants should be event appropriate. (i.e. khakis, team/event issue pants, etc.) (NO JEANS OR SWEAT PANTS).
        -    Environment appropriate footwear. NO FLIP-FLOP sandals.
        -    Environment appropriate headwear. NO HATS FOR INDOOR EVENTS.
        -    In the event that it is found that the A.T.S. personnel dressed inappropriately during the event he/she will be fined ten (10) dollars per infraction (which will be deducted from the individual’s total earnings).
        -    A second infraction within a one (1) year period will result in the above mentioned fine as well as a one (1) month suspension from working all A.T.S. events.
        -    If a third infraction is noted within a one (1) year period then that member will be fined as well as suspended from working all A.T.S. events for one year.


    1.    Requests for A.T.S. coverage may be received at any time, but 3 – 4 weeks is required to guarantee coverage.

    2.    In special situations such as out of town events, a deposit of 50% of the total estimated honorarium may be requested, to be received no later than 2 weeks in advance of the event.

    3.    Full refunds will be provided, given a minimum of 1 week prior notice of cancellation or postponement.  M.A.T.A. reserves the right to retain one half (50%) of the deposit in the case of insufficient cancellation or postponement notice.  Special considerations will be made for unforeseen circumstances, such as weather.

    4.    An invoice for the remaining honoraria, supplies and so forth will be forwarded no later than 1 week after the completion of the event.

    5.    If payment is delinquent, M.A.T.A. reserves the right to withdraw A.T.S. coverage for future events for that particular group, and/or contact the Provincial Sport Governing Body for that sport.

    6.    M.A.T.A. will provide all necessary supplies for A.T.S. events, unless prior arrangements are made.

    7.    All travel and accommodation costs will be prearranged on a case by case basis, as per section G.2. of these policies.

    8.    The host group will be responsible for notifying participants ahead of time that A.T.S. will be on-site.  M.A.T.A. may be able to facilitate this process as warranted.

    9.    In the case of conflicting schedules, A.T.S. coverage priority will be:

        a)    International events
        b)    National events
        c)    Provincial events
        d)    Regional events
        e)    League games
        f)    Recreational events
        g)    Promotional events

    In the event of further conflict, priority will be given to those events whose inherent nature for injury places the athletes at higher risk, and/or to events with the greatest number of participants.


    1.    Various therapeutic modalities may be made available, but only if a qualified individual (C.A.T.(C), Sport Physiotherapist, or medical physician) is available to administer such treatment(s).

G.    A.T.S. FEES

    1.    Personnel will be provided for A.T.S., and the host organization will be charged a $13.00/hour honorarium. Events requesting A.T.S. with 5 or less days notice will be subject to a $15.00/hour honorarium fee. For events requiring a certified athletic therapist, the honorarium will be $25.00 /hour.

    2.    All travel and accommodations will be prearranged on a case basis, with the host organization, in accordance with the guidelines set forth below.

        •    Travel    $.42/km
        •    Hotel(s)    as to original receipts, or to prearrangement
        •    Meal(s)    up to $8 breakfast, $9 lunch, $16 supper

    3.    The host organization will be invoiced for any supplies used on a cost-recovery basis, plus a $20.00 per day of event administration fee, to a maximum of $100.00, unless alternate arrangements are made prior to the event being confirmed.

    4.    All A.T.S. honorarium cheques will be processed on the earliest pay period, following the event completion (i.e. the fifteenth or the last working day of each month) if personnel are in adherence with Section D.6. Payments within the schedule are subject to availability of funds.


The Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association (M.A.T.A.) has a variety of medical supplies, equipment, and resource materials that are available to its members, upon request.  The regulations pertaining to the use of such items are outlined below.

    1.    Equipment will only be made available to members in good standing with the M.A.T.A., and will only be loaned to individuals qualified to use said equipment.

    2.    Equipment will be made available only for purposes and functions as approved by the Executive.

    3.    Any member who uses such equipment must first read and agree to this policy, and then sign the User-responsibility form, indicating that they agree to the policies as set forth herein.

    4.    The equipment loan period may not exceed fourteen (14) days, unless other arrangements are made.

    5.    Any equipment not returned on time will be subject to a fine of $25.00 per day late.

    6.    The individual(s) and/or group(s) who borrow equipment are responsible for pick-up and return to the M.A.T.A. office, unless alternate arrangements are made.

    7.    A damage deposit is required: electronic equipment - $500.00; non-electronic equipment - $250.00. For equipment that is borrowed for a period of less than one (1) week, the damage deposit will be held. For equipment that is borrowed for period of greater than one (1) week, the damage deposit will be deposited into the M.A.T.A.’s account and reimbursed upon return of the item.

    8.    The individual(s) and/or group(s) who borrow the equipment are responsible for returning it in the same condition as it was at the time of pick-up.  Said individual(s) and/or group(s) will be held responsible for any and all repairs required to return the equipment to its condition at the time of pick-up.  In the cases of loss or theft, or damage where the cost of repair exceeds the cost of replacement, the borrower(s) will be responsible for replacing the equipment with a suitable replacement.

    9.    Individual(s) and/or group(s) who abuse these conditions in any manner will be prohibited from borrowing any equipment in the future, and may place their membership status in jeopardy.

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