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MATA Marketing Update

MATA Marketing to date:

Hello Members,

I would like to take the opportunity to share with you what the MATA has been working on for marketing initiatives over this past year. The MATA Board of Directors decided that the marketing for the  association should be looked at with respect to what we can do annually for the membership, and what are some one-time marketing strategies we can use to help promote the MATA and the profession of Athletic Therapy.

Annual Marketing plans included the purchasing MATA golf shirts for new students entering the AT programs at the universities. Knowing that these students will be working in the field and spending a great deal of time with the public we wanted to give them something to wear and represent the association. There were also 2 year round initiatives announced by the board in September that aimed to help private clinics/clinicians reach out the the community around them, promoting themselves and their businesses. The physicians lunches are accessible to any and all MATA members who work in or own their own clinic and want to meet with the physicians in their area to grow a referral base. To date there has been a great response to these lunches and there is still more money available so if you are interested contact the office to take advantage of this. As well as the lunches there was a printing initiative offered to any newly certified member or members who recently opened up a new business allowing them to access some free print materials such as business cards and referral pads. Other annual marketing included continued sponsorship of the Heads up Dinner, ads in the MHSAA handbooks, MATA certification certificates and information booths at various events in the city.

One time initiatives which the Board took on this year were a bus ad campaign which ran for approximately 3 months in every bus in the city from December - February. Examples of these ads can be seen below:


As well we have worked with Shaw TV to run a full marketing campaign for 6 months on their television networks (including American networks) where you can see a MATA Banner Ad running on their Environment Canada channel, a commercial on various channels and title sponsorship of all WHL and MHSAA games broadcast. The TV commercial can be viewed here:


A full report on the 2011 marketing and plans for the 2012 marketing will be presented at the AGM. If you have any questions or comments about the marketing done to date, or ideas for future marketing initiatives please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you,

Adam Trimble - Vice President MATA

MATA Marketing Chair

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