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Busy Year with Team Canada - Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball



Now for the first time ever Canada is laying claim to being one of the best in the world in the sport of baseball. It was a great month of October for Team Canada Baseball winning a bronze medal at the 2011 World Cup of Baseball in Panama and most recently the Gold medal at the 2011 Pan American Games hosted in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Certified Athletic Therapist Dave Blatz (Steinbach, Manitoba) has worked with Baseball Canada since 2002 and was part of the medical staff working with the gold medal team that beat the USA 2-1 in the final.

"This has been a great ride", replied the 38 year old when asked about his 13 year career working in the sports-injury world.  "For the last 10 years I've been working with Baseball Canada and it's brought me to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and it has taken me all across the world working with great athletes who played for us and are now excelling in the MLB with a variety of professional clubs."  Blatz has travelled to Australia, China, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Taiwan serving as the Head Athletic Therapist with the team. 

"It's a great feeling having the perennial baseball favorites Cuba and the USA on either side of your medal podium, and making them listen to your national anthem and watch your flag get raised..."

This has been a busy year for Dave Blatz having travelled internationally with Team Canada Soccer (U23 Men/U20 Junior Men; Spain, Netherlands, Guatemala), Rowing Canada (Junior World Championships; England), and Team Canada Baseball.


Team Canada men's soccer benefited from the work done by Jason Moniz when they travelled to Florida for a training camp in February. Jason was thrilled with the opportunity to help out team Canada as he has played soccer himself for over 20 years as well has helped out with the Winnipeg Alliance and with Canadian Soccer championships here in Winnipeg.

When asked to comment on his experience Jason's stated: "Most notably, my fondest memory is of a few players who were exceptionally dedicated towards their sport and their bodies in respect to preparation.  One player stood out more than the rest.  This individual would come in 45 mins to 1 hour prior to leaving the hotel for a routine practice.  He would enter our therapy room with a foam roller, massage stick, and rubber tubing and begin his pre-game routine.  When every other young athlete was relaxing in the hotel room watching TV until they had to leave, this in-tune athlete was combining every aspect of what we learned in university programs from flexibility and dynamic movement patterns to muscle recruitment/activation of accessory muscles.  Even mental preparation!  This individual took it to a level that I have never personally seen for a just turned 18-yr old who recently signed with a MLS team."

As well working with Team Canada Soccer over this past year were Tim Shantz (u-20 team) and Mike Derkach (u-23). Congratulations Guys! 



Team Canada Women's Volleyball took to the court at the Pan Am games in Guadalajara, Mexico (Oct.14-21) and came home with a 7th place finish. Ben Trunzo (back row left)  was the Head Therapist for the team and accompanied them to the Pan Am games.

Also seen above in this picture are Ashley Beausoleil (front row left) and Julie Dacquay (front row right) who were Assistant therapists for the team while they train here in Winnipeg.

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