Jets Therapy Staff - An all Athletic Therapist Team ~ Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association

Jets Therapy Staff - An all Athletic Therapist Team

Being from Manitoba, the staff grew up cheering for the Jets and attending their games.  After the Jets left 15 years ago, none of them imagined that they would have the chance to work for the team they loved so much as kids. Opening night finally helped it all sink in. "Growing up in Manitoba, there was no better feeling standing on the Winnipeg Jets bench in front of 15000+ emotionally charged fans.  It was electric in there!  I will remember that vividly for the rest of my life," said Rob Milette, when asked to reflect on the first game. 

Brad Shaw, who made the move back to Manitoba after working in the Canadian Hockey League with the Kootenay Ice, said "It was a pretty special night for all of us.  The atmosphere was something you can't begin to explain and to be a part of it was pretty surreal." 

The training staff for the Jets was officially announced on August 25, 2011.  The staff were all formally part of the Moose organization, making the move into the NHL an exciting one.  The staff have since settled in at the Iceplex and recently took a picture with the Manitoba Athletic Therapists' Association president Dan Gregovski.


From left to right: Dan Gregovski (MATA President), Lee Stubbs (Assistant Athletic Therapist), Brad Shaw (Assistant Athletic Therapist), Alain Chabbert(Ice Caps Head Therapist), Mark Grehan (Assistant Equipment Manager), Rob Milette (Head Athletic Therapist)

The staff are looking forward to the season ahead of them and we wish them all the best - GO JETS GO!!

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