Functional Movement Screen course ~ Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association

Functional Movement Screen course


When: Thursday September 15th/2011


Where: Sport For Life Centre

             145 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg

-CEU credited.

"The science and practice of movement screen and assessment is an organized system for discussing and documenting movement patterns". (Gray Cook)  This model is utilized as starting point in exercise and rehabilitation.

Many people are not physically Fit To Train.  Physical preparedness is a vital part of training that many people simply fail to consider.  Thousands of people are sidelined each year by injuries and ailments that can very well be prevented.

Whether training for a marathon or getting in shape for aesthetic reasons, taking on a physical challenge requires a great deal of commitment, research, and resilience.  Even if you eat the perfect foods, use the most top-of-the-line equipment, and recite the most effective affirmations, failing to address your physical preparedness will leave you vulnerable to injuries that could stop you from achieving your goals.

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