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You Are an Athlete


Contact MATAInjury can happen to anyone.  A mother sprinting to keep up with her toddler, an executive missing a step on the way to work, a child fearlessly reaching for playground equipment just out of reach and of course a professional on the field playing to win. You are all athletes, living your active life to the fullest. 

MATA (Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association) governs the profession of Athletic Therapy in the province of Manitoba.  We are dedicated to the health care of individuals sustaining an injury during activity.  This includes all levels of sport and recreation as well as the everyday heroes we all are.  MATA boasts 110 certified Athletic Therapists,  all specializing in the best possible prevention and treatment of dynamic living injuries in Manitoba.  Our goal is to prevent injury and if injury occurs to get the individual back to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.  We know life doesn’t wait and everyone deserves good health through specialized care.


All MATA members are also a part of the national organization CATA who sets the standards for accreditation and ensures a consistently high level of expertise and training.


Contact MATAAthletic Therapists are the front line professionals who prevent and treat musculoskeletal injuries of active people. 

This includes emergency field care to long-term programs for rehabilitation.  Creating an optimal environment for healing helps return the individual to a healthy active lifestyle sooner. Today, in addition to working with post secondary institutions, professional sports and national programs, Athletic Therapists are helping all individuals who have suffered injury living their lives. And that includes you, because you are an athlete!

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