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When Should You See an Athletic Therapist?


Long waiting times for health care may cause challenges when timely treatment is crucial to recovery.  Athletic Therapists offer prevention and care when it’s needed.  Often this occurs at the time of injury or immediately afterward; encouraging the healing process right away so the body can take advantage of curative lead time.

The longer an injury takes to heal the longer a person is out of commission.  This equates to millions of dollars in lost employer revenue and a serious inflation of insurance costs.

It also impacts the lives of the injured athlete and their families, causing hardship and undue pain and suffering. Recognizing the specialized care provided by the Athletic Therapist and putting their extensive accreditation to good use on the field means cost efficient treatment of active injuries.


Active lifestyle related injuries are as unique as the individuals who are suffering from them.  Athletic Therapists are trained specifically in the treatment of active lifestyle and elite athletic trauma to the body.  This certainly includes you, the everyday athlete and the elite sports enthusiasts among us.

Extensive knowledge of the human body, how it works during sport and recreation and the musculskeletal system (muscles, bones, joints) affords the Athletic Therapist laser focus on injuries and how to prevent and treat them.

From formal assessment, equipment-fitting, warm-up and conditioning programs, prophylactic or supportive taping, the Athletic Therapist is there from pain to gain.

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