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Mini U Camp: All About Athletic Therapy

The camp is for children ages 9-13. The general description of the camp is as follows; Did you know that a human femur bone is stronger than concrete? Join Body Works and discover the incredible machine known as the human body. We all have one, so let?s learn how to protect, heal, and fuel this machine with skilled students from Nursing and Athletic Therapy programs at the U of M.  Enter simulated hospital rooms to do activities like glow-in-the-dark germ control, taking vital signs or applying a cast. The excitement continues when you enter the world of Athletic Therapy. Explore techniques for treating injuries like taping, splinting, balance training, rehabilitation exercises, and much more. Top off all the action with fun daily physical activities.

Hopefully we can get more kids interested in Athletic Therapy!

Luc Chapman and Daniela Catanese
Science and Technology Supervisors
Mini U/Bison Children's Programs
University of Manitoba
phone: 474-6359
fax: 474-7503

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