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MATA Continuing Education Policies and Procedures

Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association, Inc.

Continuing Education Policies and Procedures


The Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association (M.A.T.A.) wishes to ensure that its members are provided with opportunities to continue to further their education within the area of Athletic Therapy.


The purpose of the Continuing Education committee is to develop and recommend policy to the Board of Directors concerning all Continuing Education initiatives. The Continuing Education Chairperson is to provide guidance and direction as a representative of the Board of Directors, to the M.A.T.A. Program Director. Continuing Education is to be managed by the Program Director, with final responsibility falling to the Chairperson, and ultimately the Executive.


                        1. Submit a budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year, for approval by the Board of Directors, prior to the Annual General Meeting. All budget work should be done in conjunction with the Program Director and the Treasurer.

                        2. Responsible for budget adherence on an ongoing basis.

                        3. Get Executive approval for any Continuing Education purchase in excess of $250.00.

                        4. Maintain Continuing Education as a cost effective entity.


                        1. Manual Development

                        a) The Continuing Education Committee will request a copy of the course manual from the course instructor, where applicable.

                        b) The Program Director will ensure that the appropriate number of manuals is produced for each course, where applicable.

September 1, 2005


                        1. The Continuing Education Committee in conjunction with the Treasurer will negotiate a feasible honorarium, including a per diem, for the instructor.

                        2. The Program Director will be responsible for arranging for accommodations and transportation for out of town instructors.

                        3. All cheques will be processed for the final day of the course completion.

                        4. The instructor : participant ratio will be established on a per course basis in conjunction with the course instructor.


                        1. Continuing Education Courses

                        a) Registration for Continuing Education courses must be received two (2) weeks prior to the course date. If space permits, late registration(s) will be accepted up until the start of the course.

CPR Recertification: Maximum 30 / course

First Responder Recertification: Maximum 12 / course

b) Registration is not confirmed until payment is processed.

                        2. Course Registration Fees

                        a) Course registration fees will be established on a per course basis with the exception of the following courses:

CPR recertification: no charge

First Responder Recertification: $50.

                        b) M.A.T.A. subsidized courses are available to M.A.T.A. members in good standing only.

                        3. Individual Course Cancellations

                        a) Individuals who cannot attend a course can have their registration fees reimbursed.

                        b) Any cancellations that are made less than one (1) week prior to the scheduled course date(s) will not eligible for a refund unless under extenuating circumstances (medical, natural, disaster, et cetera).

September 1, 2005

                        c) Any registrant that does not attend the course without prior notification to the M.A.T.A. may be assessed an additional penalty fee as indicated below or at the discretion of the Board of Directors:

                        i. CPR Re-certification penalty: $25.

                        ii. First Responder Re-Certification: $100.


                        1. The Continuing Education Committee and/or the Program Director have the authority to cancel or postpone a course should the facility and / or the number of registrants be deemed insufficient.

2. Should the organization require cancellation or postponement of a course, one (1) week advance notice must be given, and a full refund of the registration fee shall be issued.

September 1, 2005

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