MATA Bingo Policy ~ Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association

MATA Bingo Policy

                                                                                                    Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association, Inc.  

Bingo Event Policies and Procedures 

The following policy applies to all Bingo events sponsored by the Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association, (M.A.T.A.), Incorporated.
1.     M.A.T.A. sponsored Bingo events will be delegated to the university athletic therapy student associations with each institution receiving one (1) bingo per school year.

2.     Each institution will then be responsible to staff the bingo with seven (7) volunteers who must be over the age of 18 at the time of the Bingo and be a member in good standing with both the C.A.T.A. and M.A.T.A.
3.     After completion of the bingo the M.A.T.A will pay one thousand dollars ($1000) to the participating student association.

4.     If the institution cannot fill all seven (7) volunteer spots they must notify the M.A.T.A. office four (4) business days prior to the bingo date.
5.     Failure to notify the office and fulfill the bingo obligation will result in a loss of potential monies for that bingo as well loss of a bingo assignment for the following school year.
Revised September 2011

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