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MATA Membership File Manager

Welcome to the MATA Document Manager

This section will allow for active MATA members to upload a collection of current documentation surrounding their membership certification.  Documents you are requested to upload include...

  1. item

  2. item

  3. item

  4. item

Acceptable file types to upload include...

  • Images: JPEG / JPG / GIF / PNG

  • Documents: DOC / PDF / XLS / WPD

Please ensure the FILE NAMES are descriptive of their contents including the year (for example: 2011 - XXXXXX)

To upload these items,. use the below uploading tool by following these steps...

  1. Click the 'Add Files' button at the bottom centre of the uploader.

  2. Select the file(s) you wish to upload (press the CTRL button on your keyboard to multi-select files).  Files in the upload queue will appear along the right side of the uploader.

  3. Click the 'Upload' button at the bottom right.

  4. Once the files have been uploaded, they will appear along the left side.

  5. To edit the file name, select the item in question and click 'Options' and 'Rename File'.  Make needed changes and click 'Save'.

  6. To delete the file from our system, select the item in question and click the 'Delete' button.  Please note, deleted items will be permanently removed from our system and cannot be retrieved once deleted. 

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For assistance in managing this service, please contact Stephanie Somerviille

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