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Athletic Therapy: Careers

A) Universities and Colleges:

Athletic Therapists work with varsity athletes providing expertise on injury prevention, emergency and acute care, assessment and rehabilitation of injuries, as well as the development and implementation of conditioning programs. Many of the university clinics also provide services to students, staff and the community. Many Athletic Therapists also teach in related areas at these institutions.

B) Professional Sports:

Athletic Therapists are currently employed with professional teams in the NHL, CFL, NBA, MLB, as well as professional dance companies. The Athletic Therapists are responsible for injury prevention,
emergency and acute injury care, assessment and complete rehabilitation of injuries, and the development and implementation of conditioning programs.

C) National Programs:

Athletic Therapists are an integral component of the ongoing care of national athletes. Athletic
Therapists either work directly with the National team or are selected to the Core Medical Team for Major Games (Olympics, PanAm Games, Universiade (FISU) Games, Commonwealth Games, Canada Games, etc.). Athletic Therapists are eligible to attend all levels of Major Games and may serve as the Chief Therapist.

D) Private Clinics:

A growing number of Athletic Therapists work in the fee for service clinics, treating a variety of
injuries and conditions, including those injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents or the work place. Treatments will include injury assessment and rehabilitation, as well as conditioning programs for all active Canadians.

E) Consulting / Case Management:

Athletic Therapists have expanded into the area of consulting and case management providing disability management services to the insurance industry. This includes active therapeutic intervention and case management to ensure cost effective, musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

F) Industry:

Industry is a rapidly growing market for athletic therapists. The athletic therapists are working as the health and safety officer for various industrial companies assessing the daily duties of the employees and the ergonomic needs to assist with injury prevention.

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