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Athletic First Aider Program

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Athletic First Aider Program (AFAP) is a program administered by the Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association (MATA), which is a non profit organization mandated to govern the profession of Athletic Therapy in Manitoba. The MATA consist of Certified Athletic Therapists, certification candidates as well as enfranchised members whom are committed to providing prevention and care of activity related injuries, in all levels of sport and recreation, ranging from the grass roots level to the elite athlete, throughout Manitoba.

The Athletic First Aider Program offers a wide variety of courses, intended to teach athletes and anyone working with athlete, including teachers, coaches, students and parents, the basic skills needed to deal with various first aid situations, injury prevention and risk management techniques.

Courses offered through AFAP include:

Prevention and Care

Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat common sports injuries. 

Taping 1
Practical course on taping for: Ankle, Wrist, thumb, fingers and elbow

Taping 2 (must have taping 1)
Practical course on taping for: Shin Splints, AC joint, Knee (MCL, LCL, ACL) groin, thigh and shoulder wraps.

Concussion 101
Learn about concussions, learn the myths and facts about them, how to identify a concussion and what treatment and medical care is available.

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A.F.A.P Philosophy

The Manitoba Athletic Therapy Services Incorporated, under the direction of the Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association Incorporated, wishes to ensure that athletes and individuals working with athlete have hands on, practical knowledge of basic athletic first aid and prevention techniques, including risk management.

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