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2020 MATA Annual General Meeting

As per the MATA May Newsletter, the MATA Board of Directors has announced that the MATA AGM will take place virtually on:

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020
6:30 p.m. - Q&A
7:00 p.m. - AGM

The event is free to attend, however we are requiring registration.  Please click the link below to register.  Registered members will receive information on how to access the meeting via Zoom the week prior to the event.

Please let the MATA office know at if you have any questions.

Restoring Services (Phase One)- Interim PPE Protocols

All MATA members should review this email prior to the start of the Province of Manitoba's 'Restoring Services (Phase One)' start date of Monday, May 4th.

MATA Objective:
  • Best practice transition to resume athletic therapy services in coordination with the “Restoring Services (Phase One)”
  • Safety for clients, families, and communities
  • Safety for athletic therapists, team members, and their families
MATA Members Must:
  • Use the self-screening tool for staff, patients or people attending with patients available here
  • Stay home when ill with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Perform strict hand hygiene between tasks and patients
  • Provide staff with information about physical distancing.
  • Adjust entry into the business, including lines, toregulated to prevent congestion.
  • Post external signs indicating COVID-19 physical distancing protocols, along with floor markings where service is provided or lines form.
  • Maintain a single point of entry.
  • Screen patients and people attending with patients by telephone before an appointment is booked and are not given an appointment if they have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Instrict people identified as symptomatic to call Health Links - Info Santé.
  • Implement waiting room management strategies. Strategies should include waiting in car if possible, and physical distancing for those in waiting room. No more than 10 people may gather in common areas.
  • Provide hand sanitizer at the entrance/exit for patient and staff use.(see below for more information on this point)
  • Ensure that patients and people attending with patients must sanitize hands upon entry to facility.
  • Ensure that work/service areas are sanitized after each patient.
  • Ensure that washrooms have frequent sanitization and a regime for business sanitization is in place.
  • Ensure that magazine racks and toys are removed and play areas in waiting rooms are closed.
  • Encourage patients to wear masks when receiving services, where possible.
  • Attempt cashless or no-contact payment to the greatest extent possible.
MATA Members are Strongly Encouraged to:
PPE Supply Sourcing:
The MATA is working to source masks for our members to utilize when seeing patients.  As many already know, masks are in high demand at this time and therefore difficult to source. The use of homemade masks is an option for members when medical grade masks are not an option, however medical grade masks should be used wherever possible. 

Hand Sanitizer
Members having difficulty sourcing hand sanitizer might try emailing Scott at - he has 4L jugs available.

Please contact the MATA office at if you are in short supply of gloves.  We do have some inventory of gloves that are utilized at ATS events and may be able to help.

Update from MPI - May/June Invoicing

The provincial Government has announced that as of May 4th, “a variety of non-essential health-care and retail businesses will have the option to reopen under strict guidelines”. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everybody in a variety of ways, and MPI wants to do our part to assist in reducing this impact. Therefore, for the months of May and June 2020, we will accept weekly invoicing from your membership to assist with cash flow. On July 1, 2020, we will return to monthly invoicing.

As a reminder invoices (and reports) can be submitted using the following methods:
·        Fax: 204-954-5332 or toll free 877-318-5727
·        Email (if faxing is not an option): .
o   Please include only the claim number in the body of the email, to ensure timely processing.
·        Mail

*Please do not send in originals by mail, if information is being submitted via fax or email.

 We greatly appreciate your partnership.

 Gord WhalenManager, Injury Claims Management
Manitoba Public Insurance | Injury Claims ManagementT: 204-985-8770 ext. 8033 | C: 204-223-4635 | F: 204-985-7118 | W:
800-234 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB  R3C 4A4

New Payment Options for Certified Therapists - Two Installments

The MATA recognizes that these are unprecedented and difficult times for our members.  As a result, the Board has already extended the deadline for membership renewal to Monday, April 20th at 11:59PM.  The Board, with approval from the CATA, has agreed to now also offer the option of two equal payment instalments for certified therapists.  Certification candidates do not qualify for this option.

Please note that payment in full OR a 1st payment installment as per the details in the chart below is still due on Monday, April 20th by 11:59PM.

Please see details of the instalment option below:

Due DateAmount Due
1st PaymentApril 20th$162.50
2nd PaymentMay 20th$162.50

Late fees for certified therapists who do not submit payment (either in full or half) by April 20th will be subject to late fees (see information below).  Late fees for certification candidates who do not submit payment IN FULL by April 20th will be subject to late fees.  Certified therapists who submit 1st payment by the deadline, but do not submit the 2nd payment by the deadline will also be subject to late fees starting on May 20th.

Please note that ALL members must complete the membership registration available at the link below (in step one) by April 20th.

Please also note that this will be the last concession made by the MATA Board in regards to payment of membership.  Payment in full for all certified therapists will be required by May 20th.

For more information, please refer to the email that was sent to all members on April 18, 2020.

75% Wage Subsidy Clarification and CERB Update

Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program:

Yesterday the government announced that they are working on a program to assist small and medium sized businesses affected by COVID-19 with their commercial rent payments. The government did not provide any details on this program. We expect further details in the coming days.

CERB Update:

The federal government is making changes to its Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) for those whose income is drastically cut but who still have some income. The changes will also allow people who are making up to $1,000 a month to qualify for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, as well as those whose employment insurance benefits have run out since the start of the calendar year. The changes begin to address key concerns about who qualifies for the $2,000-a-month benefit, which was quickly put in place earlier this month to deal with the pandemic’s economic fallout.

Canada Emergency Business Account ($40,000 loan):

The government announced that they are amending the 2019 gross payroll required to qualify to between $20,000 and $1,500,000 (previously $50,000 and $1,000,000).

See the link here for more information on this loan program.

The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (“CEWS” - 75% Wage Subsidy) Clarifications:

There has also been some clarifying comments with respect to the 75% wage subsidy.
  • The 75% wage subsidy is based on remuneration that is earned by the employee in the eligible period (previously communicated that the subsidy was based on when remuneration was paid).
  • The 75% subsidy is the greater of
    1. 75% of the weekly remuneration paid in the qualifying period to a max weekly amount of $847.
    2. The lesser of
      1. 75% of the employee’s pre-crisis remuneration (average weekly remuneration paid between January 1, 2020 and March 15, 2020), and
      2. The actual amount paid, to a maximum of $847 per week.
  • Special rules for the calculation of revenue are provided where companies are affiliated with each other (options of calculating on a consolidated or non-consolidated basis), or where all or substantially all of a company’s revenue comes a non-arm’s length entity (calculating the revenue loss using the non-arm’s length arm’s length sources of revenue)
  MATA will continue to offer information as it becomes available.

MPI Update - April 16th

MPI has received a number of requests from therapists to consider telephone exercise review check-ins with claimants who do not have the appropriate technology or ability to work through a virtual visit. To assist these claimants, MPI will consider a 15 minute telephone exercise review check-in once per week. The fee for this call is a maximum of $28.00 based on the home visit fee of $111.84 (Jan 1 2019) per hour.  
All telephone exercise review check-ins must be approved by the case owner/case manager, to ensure only the claimants who don’t have the technology available or are unable to participate in a virtual visit receive this service. MPI will, however, pay this fee retro to the date of the initial check-in given that some therapists have been doing this to ensure the best patient care possible.
Therapists will need to mark “Home Visit-Telephone” on the invoice for a maximum of 15 minutes with a fee of $28.00. The telephone exercise review check-ins will not reduce Category 1 or 2 visit limits.
MPI will review the need for this temporary service in 8 weeks as we continue to monitor COVID developments.
Please call MPI if you have any questions.
Gord Whalen
Manager, Injury Claims Management
Manitoba Public Insurance | Injury Claims Management
T: 204-985-8770 ext. 8033 | C: 204-223-4635 | F: 204-985-7118 | W:
800-234 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB  R3C 4A4

Update from WCB - April 16th

Tele-Rehabilitation – Athletic Therapy Treatment During the
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
Extension of Coverage of Services to May 29, 2020
The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) is committed to doing our part to help reduce the spread of COVID 19.
At this time, Manitoba's injured workers may be concerned about obtaining initial treatments or continuing their approved treatments for their workplace injuries.
We are committed to supporting the workers’ recovery during these difficult times with your support. While many clinics at this time are not providing in-person treatments, the flexible delivery of service from a distance may enable the assessment and recovery process to continue, even while on site appointments are not possible.
As always, we are committed to the principles of safe and healthy return to work. The WCB will support the provision of Tele-rehabilitation and virtual assessments of initial injuries and treatments if the therapist deems it beneficial to workers’ recovery.
Athletic Therapists are required to follow all professional guidelines and standards of practice specific to tele-rehabilitation established by their regulatory body.
Effective March 26 until May 29, 2020 the current rates for initial assessments and subsequent treatments will apply to tele-rehabilitation as follows:
New Claims – One initial assessment and up to four subsequent treatments at a frequency of not more than once per week.
Previously approved claims – A maximum of one subsequent treatment per week for up to four weeks. Please note that the total number of treatments provided (virtual or otherwise) should not exceed the originally authorized number on the specific claim without prior approval.
All reporting and billing to the WCB must indicate the services were provided virtually. Reports should also outline the nature of technology utilized to provide the service.
Please note that funding of tele-rehabilitation is being authorized on a temporary basis only given the challenging environment both workers and treatment providers find themselves in. The WCB will be reassessing its position on the matter over time and will communicate any changes accordingly.
If you have any questions regarding these offerings, please contact Ann Lovell, Director Professional Services via email at or call 204-954-4385, toll free 1 -855-954-4321, ext. 4385.

COVID-19: March 31st Update

Yesterday, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brent Roussin announced that as of April 1, 2020, all non-critical services must close in Manitoba implementing the Public Health Act.  The scope of practice of Athletic Therapy does still classify as an essential service which may remain open to provide urgent or emergent care.

Please note that some Athletic Therapy clinics have been forced to close due to their size (inability to control sanitation adequately) or location, as clinics that are located in fitness centres and been mandated to close.  If you have closed your clinic and have NOT let the MATA office know already, please do so by emailing

Members who continue to practice should review the following information:
Determining what essential services are, in the context of athletic therapy is challenging due to the diversity of practice. Members must consider their practice context and use independent professional judgment to make responsible decisions. The following are some suggestions to define essential services:
  • Essential services include assessment and therapeutic intervention or services for conditions/situations where not receiving athletic therapy services (whether in-person or virtually) would put the patient’s safety at risk. There is potential for significant harm, adverse patient outcomes or suffering.
  • Services to address a decline in functional independence or safety of those beginning to fail at home
  • Services specified as urgent by a referral source or deemed urgent to prevent a poor outcome
  • Services for clients with complex care needs who require a co-ordinated team approach.
  • Services to support clients in critical roles remaining at work i.e. health professional, emergency services in the community, essential services employees.
Specific situations which could be considered as essential athletic therapy services include but are not limited to:
  • A patient who is currently experiencing incapacitating musculoskeletal pain.
  • Any scenario where the inability to initiate care or the withdrawal of care would lead to the significant deterioration of a patient’s condition and the patient is at risk for imminent hospital admission or re-admission.
  • Follow-up immediately post-discharge from hospital to the community to ensure safe return to home and prevent re-admission to the hospital.
  • A patient who has suffered from severe musculoskeletal dysfunction or pain.
The MATA would like to remind all members that treatments via telerehabilitation do not need to fall into the categories outlined above and are a welcomed alternative at this time.  The MATA office continues to explore and research available software for telerehabilitation.  This will be communicated to members as it becomes available. ​

Athletic Therapy & Telerehabilitation

The MATA has understandably been receiving many questions from members regarding Telerehabilitation and how to implement this practice.  Please read the following information carefully to better understand the process and policies associated with facilitating treatment via Telerehabilitation.  Please start by reviewing the Telerehabilitation Resource Guide for Athletic Therapy which was developed by the MATA.  From our research, the technological platforms do comply with the regulations outlined are Zoom, Jane, Embodia and Physitrack.
Click Here to Access the Telerehabilitation Resource Guide for Athletic Therapy

A note from BMS - 

There is no exclusion under the professional liability policies for claims arising from tele-practice services/consults. When delivering tele-practice services and in order for your insurance coverage to apply, you must abide by the professional regulations in your jurisdiction (for instance, the province in which you reside) and in the jurisdiction where your patient is located. Please see the brochure attached regarding telehealth. This will provide some insight and guidance on how to manage this new service model. I've also attached a brochure on cyber coverage, this may be of interest to those who are providing e-services.  Please see the links below for more information:

A note from Blue Cross - 

If telehealth services are within the scope of practice for an athletic therapy provider in Manitoba, the services are eligible for reimbursement.

A Notice from MPI - COVID-19

Please note the following from MB Public Insurance:

1. Please notify the MATA office at if you have closed your clinic/practice at this time, or if you do so at any time in the future.

2. No NEW MPI assessments may be completed via Telerehabilitation, this platform may ONLY be used for subsequent visits.  If a subsequent visit is facilitated via telerehabilitation, it MUST be noted on the invoice submitted to MPI.

3. Telerehabilitation must be completed on a secure platform and must comply with regulations.  More information of specfic regulations will be sent out ASAP.

Please contact the MATA office with any questions at

MATA Membership Renewal Extension & COVID-19 Recommendations

The MATA continues to keep up to date on the ever changing developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  As this is an unprecedented and challenging time for our members, the MATA will be extending the membership renewal deadline to April 20, 2020.  This extension aims ease some of the burden on our members to complete their membership renewal for the 2020-21 membership year.

The MATA would like to emphasize that members and clinic owners should do their own risk assessment and determine what is best for individuals, patients and staff moving forward.  Should clinics choose to stay open, please ensure that diligent measures are taken including:

- Thorough cleaning of all equipment in between each patient
- Spacing of patients to allow for gaps in between appointments
- Pre-screening of patients over the phone as well as upon arrival into the clinic to determine if clients have travelled abroad in the past 14 days and/or are exhibiting any symptoms
- Limiting hands on treatment to a minimum where possible
- The use of gloves where applicable/necessary

The MATA recognizes that decisions being made with respect to COVID-19 come with consequences: personal, financial and ethical and these are very challenging times.  If you have specific questions moving forward, please contact the MATA at