June is National Athletic Therapy Month - Baby Your Brain

Materials Avalable to Members

    • NATM Poster "Baby your Brain" boy

    • NATM Poster "Baby your Brain" girl

    • NATM Poster Concussion Protocol

    • Stress Ball Brains

    • "Bell Rung" MATA Poster

If you would like to receive some of these materials please contact Stephanie at the office (mata@sportmanitoba.ca) and request them.


Sport Concussion Assessment Tool - "There's and App for that"

A SCAT 2 App can be downloaed for free from the app store, this app will take the evaluator through a SCAT2 test while allowing you to record the scoring, save the file, and email it if needed to other medical professionals. Check it out in the app store or at the link below:






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