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Long waiting times for health care may cause challenges when timely treatment is crucial to recovery. Athletic Therapists offer prevention and care when it’s needed.

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Multi-disciplinary Clinic - P/T Athletic Therapist

Action Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic is looking for a Certified Athletic Therapist to join our team.  We are a multi-disciplinary clinic with three physiotherapists, a Registered Massage Therapist, and a Registered Dietitian.

The position is for an independent contractor who is dynamic and is willing to build up his/her caseload.  The position is presently a part-time.  Patients are varied from Private, MPIC, WCB.  Experience in personal training is an asset with referrals.

Please send resume to: actionphysiotherapy@mymts.net Attn: Nicole

Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex Series

Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (PDTR)
Location: Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta
Module 1 - October 12-15 (Mount Royal University)
Thurs 9-5pm
Fri 9-5pm
Sat 9-5pm
Sun 9-5pm

Module 2 - November 10-13 (Mount Royal University)
Fri 12-7pm 
Sat 9-5pm
Sun 9-5pm
Mon 9-5pm (Remembrance Day)

Module 3 - December 8-11 (Location TBD)
Fri 12-7pm 
Sat 9-5pm
Sun 9-5pm
Mon 9-5pm 

Module 4 - January 26-28 (Mount Royal University)
Fri 12-7pm 
Sat 9-5pm

COST (All prices in USD)

Individual modules
Modules 1-3 = $1300 (4 days each module)
Module 4 = $975 (3 days)
Total if bought individually = $4875
*Checks payable to "Carl Alexander" ​
Modules 1-3 = $1360 
Module 4 = $1020 
Total if bought individually = $5100

Foundations Series PACKAGE​  - (save ​up to 26​%) - Best Value!!!!
· PAYPAL PAYMENT PLAN - $​4300​ - ​payment plan option via PAYPAL only Five automatic payments of $​8​​60​ deducted ​on or before ​Sept ​8th (registration​ deadline), ​and the following 4 months on the same initial date​
· CASH or CHECK - $​4050​ (no payment plan option) *Checks payable to "Carl Alexander". ​
Contact - Carl Alexander at neuroreflextech@gmail.com 
PayPal Payment Plan
5 Installments of $860 starting on or before September 8th (Registration Cut-off Date)

PayPal Individual Module Payment
Course Information
The PDTR Foundation Series provides athletic therapists with the knowledge and skills to identify and treat "software" dysfunctions, thereby complimenting the use of other manual skills, modalities, and exercise-based programming. 
P-DTR addresses musculoskeletal problems by focusing on an important, but largely overlooked apparatus of the human body: the sensory afferent system. Receptor system = “software”; Bone, muscle, ligament and tendon = “hardware.”
As with computers, hardware problems are best addressed at the level of the hardware, but when the problem is at the level of the software, no amount of work on the hardware can fix the problem.
Everyone knows that muscles move the body and the brain moves the muscles. Fewer are familiar with the simple fact that it’s the sensory afferent system (software) that provides the brain with the information it needs to tense and release muscles as needed for good functioning and pain-free living.
Without accurate “uncorrupted” information from the afferent system, the brain-muscle connection cannot function optimally. Breakdowns in this communication can result in chronically weak or chronically tensed muscles showing up as pain and/or difficulty with movement.
Traditional therapies— surgery, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy –do not explicitly include the afferent system in their area of focus and have no methods for identifying and addressing "software" dysfunctions. That’s why in cases where a patient has a problem at the level of the sensory receptors, surgery, tissue work (mobilizations, myofasical work, adjustments, acupuncture, etc.) or "functional" exercises and exercise-based "corrections", fail to have long-lasting changes.
Is it possible to identify "software" dysfunctions in the afferent system? Yes, with P-DTR it’s possible to do so with a high degree of precision.
Is it possible to treat dysfunctions in this system? Yes. Because of the unique nature of the brain’s relationship to the afferent system, improvements cannot only be quick, but also very long lasting and in some cases permanent. PDTR provides athletic therapists with the knowledge and skills to identify and treat "software" dysfunctions, complimenting other manual skills and exercise-based programs.

Canadian Professional Grant Development Workshop - Winnipeg

Canadian Professional Grant Development Workshop

University of Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB

August 28-29, 2017

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Hosted by the Grant Training Center

Since there are only a few seats left, we would like to remind you about this upcoming Professional Grant Development Workshop. This seminar is perfect for those who want to learn or strengthen their grant writing skills. The class will be taught by Dr. Maria Esformes who has an extensive academic career with such institutions as the University of Victoria, Harvard University, and the University of Massachusetts. She has an extensive record of grant procurement and has participated in many grant review panels.
You will learn the fundamentals of grant writing such as:
  • Searching and applying for Tri-Council (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR), foundation and corporate donors
  • Understanding proposal writing guidelines
  • Knowing how to compose each section of the proposal
  • Presenting a compelling Need/Significance Statement
  • Writing proposals that reach the top of competitions
You will receive an electronic comprehensive workbook, directory of key resources, a certificate of completion, and continental breakfast. Once you finish this workshop, you will be fully prepared for the entire grant application process and have a head start toward success!


The fee for this course is $595 USD
There is a $45 USD/person discount available for registering two or more individuals from the same organization. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Please join us for this opportunity!
Can't make it?

Online Version of this Workshop

The University of Winnipegy is neither endorsing nor sponsoring the activities conducted by the Grant Training Center. You received this email due to your institutional or organizational affiliation.